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We are a second generation family owned manufacturing company which was founded on core values of hard work, customer dedication, high quality, and fair pricing. We operate out of our half a million square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are equipped with high-tech and proprietary machinery. Our wide range of capabilities and vertical manufacturing allows us achieve large scale production and generate stocking programs for our customers and ensure on time delivery. Companies around the globe have come to trust us and our brands.


HiTex™ flexible ducting is manufactured in the USA and is available from distributors in the US, Canada, and around the globe. If you wish to purchase HiTex™,  Ultratex™, VentFlex™, or any of our Industrial ducting products or receive information on becoming a distributor, please contact us.


Feel confident that when you purchase the HiTex™,  Ultratex™, VentFlex™ brand, you are getting a commitment of superior quality and dedication to you.

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