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End Options

​VentFlex™  is available with a wide variety of end finishing options to fit any application. Among our options available are Cuff & Buckle, Hoop, Machine End, and Worm Gear. See below for all of our available styles. These end options are designed to reduce install time and provide an exact fit for your application.


  • Hoop/Wire Rope Rings Ends – (Also known as interlocking end rings) One of our more popular methods to finish flex duct, as it allows for a cost effective and easy connection from one ventilation tube to the next by simply putting the ends inside one another.

  • Cuff & Buckle - End of flexible duct is finished with a soft collar and built in cinch strap with clip. Allowing for easy connection much like a belt used on a pair of pants, simple, highly effective and easy to use.

  • Machine End - Machine End is when the duct ends have no finishing on them. Ducts can be attached to units with external worm gear clamps, zip ties, or by fastening with screws.

  • Worm Gear - Steel bands with plated chrome screws enclosed within a soft cuff for easy attachment to units. Provides snug attachment quickly and easily.

  • Soft Cuff - Reinforced end with flexible fabric which allows for easy fitting over unit flange. Must be secured to unit via additional hose clamp.

  • J-Lock Couplings - Designed for connection to units which require j-lock connectors


   Other styles available upon request. See your Sales Representative for details

Hoop/Wire Rope Rings Ends

Cuff & Buckle

Machine End 

Worm Gear

Soft Cuff 

J-Lock Couplings

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